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Five Fun Facts About Melbourne, Florida

Photo of beach boardwalk in Melbourne Florida

Exploring the Harbor City

Melbourne, Florida, often hailed as the Sunshine State’s hidden gem, is more than just a picturesque coastal town—it’s a treasure trove of unique experiences waiting to be uncovered. With 33 miles of pristine coastline, Melbourne offers a serene escape from the ordinary.

Whether you’re immersing yourself in the vibrant art scene, exploring the space legacy, or encountering diverse wildlife, Melbourne is a place of adventure. Here are five fun facts that will make Melbourne, Florida a must-visit destination.

There’s Always a Party Going On

Melbourne takes pride in its Historic Downtown, a hub of community life and spirited festivities. Similar to the festive block parties in New Smyrna Beach, Melbourne locals love throwing lively events along its bustling streets. The Melbourne Main Street program ensures there’s always something exciting happening, from art walks to food festivals. 

Join in the fun at the Melbourne Art Festival in April or the Food and Wine Festival, held annually in November. These celebrations are the perfect opportunity to explore charming boutiques, savor the local cuisine, and admire the backdrop of Melbourne’s rich historical architecture.

The Local University was Founded with 37 Cents

As part of Florida’s Space Coast, Melbourne is deeply entwined in the aerospace industry. Home to major companies like Northrop Grumman and Harris Corporation, the town plays a crucial role in space exploration. 

Brevard Engineering College, now Florida Tech, was founded in 1958 by NASA physicist Jerome P. Keuper. Local legend goes that Keuper was telling his friend over drinks about an idea to start a scientific and technological university in town. Well, another pub patron overheard the conversation and slid 37 cents across the bar as the “first donation”.

Visitors can also explore the history of space travel at the Kennedy Space Center in nearby Titusville. Take in a rocket launch and discover cutting-edge technologies that propel humanity into the cosmos! Melbourne isn’t just a beach town—it’s a gateway to the stars.

Photo-Worthy Murals

For those who enjoy the arts, Melbourne’s Eau Gallie Arts District is a haven. From galleries and museums to art on almost every wall, creativity flows through the streets. With an abundance of art festivals, you can engage with local artists and immerse yourself in the diverse expressions of human imagination. Be sure to check out hot spots like the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery and the Henegar Center for the Arts.
Make sure to pack your walking shoes—and your camera—for a mural tour of the Eau Gallie Arts District. Florida Tech alums will want to check out the refreshed “Ad Astra Per Scientiam” mural in particular. Guided tours are available from May through October, but you can download the Florida Stories app and enjoy a personal audio tour anytime!


Photo of Flamingos in water

Meet Over 2,000 Distinct Animal Species

Melbourne offers a distinct aquatic charm along the Indian River Lagoon. Despite an average depth of four feet, the river is filled with over 2,200 animal species. 

You don’t have to be a budding biologist to enjoy the water. The Melbourne Causeway, connecting the mainland to the barrier islands, provides a stunning panorama of the river and is also a great place for runners. You can also give your feet a break and travel the water by kayak or paddleboard.


Photo of Brevard Zoo map

Photo courtesy of K.A. – stock.adobe.com

Ride Thousands of Feet of Ziplines

Melbourne boasts more than just sandy shoes—it’s also home to the Brevard Zoo, a delightful destination for families and wildlife enthusiasts. You can explore lush habitats and get up close with fascinating animals. Looking for an adrenaline rush? The zoo’s unique Treetop Trek allows visitors to traverse aerial obstacles and zip lines, offering a thrilling adventure high above the ground. The longest zip line travels over 800 feet of wetlands at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour!

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