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Wire 3 rates are exactly as advertised, no additional fees or taxes, just one flat rate. If you want to send us a tip though we do accept Venmo

Wire 3 offers our best rate to those who are willing to jump in and support us from the beginning. During the months leading up to our first install in your neighborhood, and for 90 days afterwards you can get our fastest speed for our lowest rate. While we will have the occasional promotion here and there, you will never beat the rate we offer to those who trust us first.

Aren’t our rates discounted enough? No? Ok, here’s what we’ll do then, bring a friend and get a free month when they install. How does that sound? Find out more

Luckily for you, we have whole-home Wi-Fi support

In order to provide you the fastest speeds without the same limitations that other companies run into, it is necessary for us to run the fiber all the way into your home (instead of trying to use the existing copper wire). Our installers will review the best entry point with you before doing any work to make sure that you are comfortable with where and how the fiber enters your home.

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10 Gbps

Future proof your home network for the most advanced technology

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2.5 Gbps

Faster speed for big families and entertaining lots of friends

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1 Gbps

Plenty of speed for streaming, remote working and gaming

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Free Optimized Wi-Fi Equipment

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24 Hour Response Time from Local and Live Agents

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Fast Internet, Happy Customers

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Heath KindtHeath Kindt
20:16 09 May 24
The internet is the best I've ever had for the best price possible. I've dealt with all thr major companies and Wire3 is hands down the best.
Mary SanftMary Sanft
20:16 05 May 24
The best internet provider everrr!! Super fast speed and THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!
Jamie DouglasJamie Douglas
18:58 04 May 24
From install to service this has been such a great experience.
Russ BrancatoRuss Brancato
17:12 04 May 24
We were the first family in our community to sign up for Wire 3 and love it!
Lisa MitchellLisa Mitchell
16:55 04 May 24
Dude ManDude Man
07:31 03 May 24
I'm considering switching to wire3 and trying to find some reviews that are actually relevant to their service. All the negative reviews seem to be from people who aren't even customers, crying about their grass. Could you be less helpful?Literally every single 1 star review on here is some entitled crazy old bat complaining that there yard is torn up from the main fiber install near the road. In case your wondering, that is not your property, it's the city's right of way.A typical right of way in a residential neighborhood is 50 feet. Find the center of the road and measure 25 foot toward your house. (This can vary, some roads aren't centered, some ROW's are much larger, it will however be on your survey).Anyway, the city owns the right of way. They can dig up anything and everything in that space as they please, or give out permits to a company to dig it up.They can remove or make you remove stuff you put in the right of way. That paver parking area that's not your driveway. Timbers or big rocks lining the road.Unless posted, or there is a local ordinance, any person can also park in that same right of way. They can park on your grass all day, everyday if it's in the right of way.My experience with their main line install was great. Wire3 did their thing in front of my house, cleaned up behind their install and were very courteous during the whole process.It didn't happen overnight. There was fiber or conduit poking up around the neighborhood here or there for a week or so while they worked. But once they were done, everything looked just like it did before they started.Not having to have internet service taken out by the next hurricane is well worth any minor inconvenience now.
Jerry McArthurJerry McArthur
15:59 29 Apr 24
Thomas McNamaraThomas McNamara
16:15 24 Apr 24
The only reason it not getting give star that tech was a day late with my installation but everything else is so more reblbe then spectrum
Christopher StahlerChristopher Stahler
02:26 21 Apr 24
Great internet, great prices, great reliability, and great customer service
Caleb FisherCaleb Fisher
01:20 18 Apr 24
Installer came as scheduled. George was very professional and had the entire job completed in a timely manner. Explained how the equipment worked and answered my tech based questions very well. I also had the opportunity to use their support for setting up my personal equipment and Mateo was very patient and truly went the extra mile. They are actually installing fiber into your house instead of just the road at a price that can’t be beat. I was elated to call Spectrum and disconnect service.
R EastR East
20:30 05 Apr 24
I am so happy with my service. I am getting 700mbps throughput up and down. Same rates as my LAN connections when I was in the office. There has only been 2 scheduled outages since I signed up a year-ish ago, I know this uptime percentage is hard to attain. I am very pleased with this service. Good job Wire3.
Bill JacobsBill Jacobs
17:52 02 Apr 24
Fast friendly installation. salespeople and support are just great!They came, dug the trench and had everything set up and was gone. I have a friend with a Tesla model S and this speed is indeed Ludacris speed
Debi SmithDebi Smith
12:21 02 Apr 24
So far we are doing just great with wire3!Speed and connectivity awesome. Had the best sales rep, installers were professional and helpful, and lastly it’s so nice to have local customer support instead what we had with spectrum. Thanks wire3!!
Carla FoxCarla Fox
09:20 15 Mar 24
Always quick and friendly customer service!An absolutely refreshing Change after dealing with Att for many years!! I'm so glad I never have to call Att customer service line again and wait, who knows how long, only to be connected to someone that doesn't even barely speak English.I wasted a significant amount of hours of my life with their terrible service!!Thank you Wire3 😊 💓 ☺️ 💗 💛 💖
Claire MillerClaire Miller
15:45 21 Feb 24
Awesome service. Very friendly and professional installer. Helped with making sure all devices were working and assisted in TV hook up. Love the speed and no buffering!
Erik HempelErik Hempel
21:25 16 Feb 24
I am giving 5 stars instead of 4 because of all the Karens upset about the network being installed in the right-of-way, which ISN'T their property. There's even one mad about Wire 3 flagging and marking the existing underground networks and utilities. SERIOUSLY? And how the HECK do you expect them to build an underground ISP network WITHOUT DIGGING?!?! Like derrr... they should use telekinesis and teleport the wires down there without touching the precious sweet grass that will grow back in a month... Darned if you do, darned if you don't, right Wire 3? But I would otherwise give 4 stars simply because their policy on late payments and service disruptions needs to be ironed out a bit, in my opinion. Not happy about my recent disruption. Aside from that, the internet is great and the customer service folks are wonderful.
Marcus CMarcus C
23:42 09 Feb 24
Outstanding customer service! Always answer the phone with local customer service.
Randy BarberRandy Barber
02:10 16 Jan 24
I just traded my spectrum Internet to Metronet. I'm paying $60 per month for 1g of service per month. I get a collective internet speed of 350mbs when I do a wifi speed test from my phone's app. Upload is almost as fast. The speed of the fiber coming into the house is a gig but it doesn't transfer into real world use. The modem is screwed to the wall next to the outlet for the cable and the router sits just sits on the TV stand. I'm paying $3 more for almost double the speed of the 200mb spectrum package. Price will go up after a year, we shall see.
Cassidy TempleCassidy Temple
20:03 11 Dec 23
I was thrilled to find that Wire 3 was just starting in my neighborhood last year when I moved to NSB. My last house in Orlando had fiber and I had become spoiled by it. I signed up immediately and Wire 3 came out within one week to install. They arrived with brand new equipment and a polite crew. I was up and running in an hour and they left no mess behind. We purchased a home beachside 10 months after we got Wire 3 and one of my first calls was to Wire 3 just to make sure they service my new neighborhood. They do! I scheduled the install for my new home and they were able to accommodate the date and time I requested. Once again, they did a quick and friendly install. They returned about a week later to bury the line from the street to the house. Their customer service is friendly and solution-oriented. Their staff is experienced. Their fiber optic internet is everything we need it to be. They even email/text you days in advance to alert you to scheduled maintenance. We are happy customers twice over.
Travis WehnkeTravis Wehnke
14:58 08 Dec 23
Vincent PalmerVincent Palmer
21:04 06 Dec 23
Genny SanchezGenny Sanchez
00:26 27 Nov 23
The best decision we made in regards to fast speed internet, was to install Wire 3. My husband is a professional photographer and he would spend an hour or two uploading the photos. Now he uploads in minutes and we have extra quality time to walk our dogs and go hiking, which is a very important part of our lifestyle.. Lastly, we've had no connection issues, even with the storms. The technician did an excellent job installing the cable paying close attention to our landscape. Thank you so very much and we wish Wire 3 success with a lot of happy customers like us. Happy Holidays!
Shot RonnieShot Ronnie
01:02 21 Nov 23
We had spectrum for the past eight years here on Beachside in New Smyrna Beach. Almost every lightning storm, certainly every hurricane service constantly it went out with spectrum. We installed Wire 3 a year and a half ago. Flawless. The speed is awesome. But most of all during two hurricanes last season, the service never went out the electricity went off, but Wire 3 kept running and since we have a generator we didn't miss a beat.
Gary KristGary Krist
22:50 20 Nov 23
I have been a customer of AT&T and Spectrum for WI and Cable. Both experiences were terrible and I was always looking for a more reliable and affordable especially as a family where we both work from home. When I was approached by Wire 3 I thought this is it. It has proven to be everything that it was sold as. Reliable even during storms. Now with the service agreement they even have reliable internet in the garage and corners of the house that previously had issues. Great experience and I recommend to everyone.
Stephanie FrankfordStephanie Frankford
21:35 20 Nov 23
First of all the installation process was very neat and efficient! The installer was very courteous and informative! He said that someone would be out within a day or so to cover up the wire and they were here that day to replace the grass! Have not had one problem with the Internet shutting down and it is so much faster than Spectrum! I am totally satisfied with all of it and especially customer service…. periodically contacting me to make sure all is good.
Ed elgEd elg
21:12 20 Nov 23
I had AT&T for years. They abandoned me during last years tropical depression. They cancelled my place on the repair listbecause AT&T had declared this area trouble free. I had to take a new place on the list--3 weeks out. I cancelled AT&T and fell forSpectrum's "untruth's". I cancelled when I got my bill for supposedlyfree services. I found Wire 3, got hooked up and found that I wasgetting a much better picture from Wire 3. No problems at all and the bill is exactly what was promised.