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Get the speed that matches your internet needs starting at $60/month

Wire 3 rates are exactly as advertised, no additional fees or taxes, just one flat rate. If you want to send us a tip though we do accept Venmo

Wire 3 offers our best rate to those who are willing to jump in and support us from the beginning. During the months leading up to our first install in your neighborhood, and for 90 days afterwards you can get our fastest speed for our lowest rate. While we will have the occasional promotion here and there, you will never beat the rate we offer to those who trust us first.

Aren’t our rates discounted enough? No? Ok, here’s what we’ll do then, bring a friend and get a free month when they install. How does that sound? Find out more

Luckily for you, we have whole-home Wi-Fi support

In order to provide you the fastest speeds without the same limitations that other companies run into, it is necessary for us to run the fiber all the way into your home (instead of trying to use the existing copper wire). Our installers will review the best entry point with you before doing any work to make sure that you are comfortable with where and how the fiber enters your home.

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10 Gbps

Future proof your home network for the most advanced technology

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2.5 Gbps

Faster speed for big families and entertaining lots of friends

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1 Gbps

Plenty of speed for streaming, remote working and gaming

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300 Mbps

The perfect speed for casual internet users

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Free Optimized Wi-Fi Equipment

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24 Hour Response Time from Local and Live Agents

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100% Fiber

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Appointment Times – No Service Windows Ever

Fast Internet, Happy Customers

Liz (Customer Service), and Christian (Installation) and others have been great! Very much appreciate the response, honesty, hard work, and attention to quality and detail. My compliments to the Wire 3 team and I’m so glad to have a new choice in my market.

Alan New Smyrna Beach, FL

Every person I have dealt with at Wire 3 has been amazing! I love the service and appreciate all the hard work they’re doing for my community.

Skyler New Smyrna Beach, FL

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a brand new company but they have earned my trust in a very short time. A welcome alternative to the existing broadband providers.

Jay New Smyrna Beach, FL