Dedicated to delivering Fast, High Bandwidth Data Services to our Customers.

Wire 3 is dedicated to creating a world class internet experience for our customers.  We believe that high-speed, reliable internet is the lifeblood of our digital world.  We are Central Florida’s only 100% fiber-optic internet service provider, and we take that seriously.  While internet service is what we charge for, what we provide is peace of mind.  What does that mean? We take pride in having local employees, local customer service, and a team focused on partnering with the residents of the communities we serve.

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Speed matters. The fast, affordable internet you need – the service and support you want.

Whether you are working remotely, video chatting, streaming, or doing all of these at the same time —you are probably using more broadband than you think. More than ever, modern homes are requiring huge amounts of bandwidth to accommodate smart home technologies. Fiber internet from Wire 3 delivers high bandwidth data service to households using fiber optic technology.

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