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Five Fun Facts About Edgewater, Florida

Edgewater, Florida offers a range of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy, including hiking, biking, and exploring nature trails in its parks. The iconic Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse and Museum provides historical insights and stunning views. The Turtle Mound offers a unique walking trail with historical markers. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy charters on the Indian River and Intracoastal. Edgewater provides diverse activities for all interests.

Chik fil a in Edgewater, Florida

Edgewater is Home to Nature Lovers, Manufacturers and Chicken

Nestled along the Indian River, in the crook of Volusia County, lies Edgewater, Florida. This small city punches far above its weight by providing its 23,000 residents with ready access to plenty of outdoor activities and a number of manufacturing facilities.

Relaxation and industry go hand-in-hand in Edgewater, Florida. It has even earned the nickname “The Hospitality City” for its welcoming environment. Successful small businesses pop out of the sand like sea turtles on the beach, churning out boats and surfboards for locals to explore their scenic surroundings. Nearby New Smyrna Beach often gets most of the shine from tourists, but those looking for a peaceful jaunt into old Florida will be pleasantly surprised by Edgewater.

Minutes to the Water

Quickly glance at a map and you might gloss over Edgewater, since it is not on the Florida Coast. Not so fast, my friend! You’re never far from the water, wherever you are in Edgewater.

The Indian River borders Edgewater’s East side and can be accessed by two public boat ramps scattered along the banks of this Intracoastal Waterway. Find yourself at the water’s edge any day of the week and you’ll see boaters, kayakers and even swimmers.

Yes, swimmers in the river. Little Beach is a beloved local secret. It is a perfect place to avoid the beach traffic of the shoreline while still sinking your toes in the famous Florida sand.

Biking Paradise

In 1892, Henry Flagler began looking to extend his Florida East Coast Railroad south of Daytona. The state of Florida authorized the oil and railroad tycoon to build tracks along the Indian River all the way down to Miami. It wasn’t long before cities like New Smyrna Beach and Titusville grew from the increased traffic.

Flashforward 100 years and the once integral artery had fallen into disuse. Outdoor enthusiasts looked to transform the railway corridor into a benefit for locals and tourists. Enter the rail-trail, part of the America’s Great Outdoors initiative.

The East Central Regional Rail Trail was completed in 2021. Now, cyclists can zip along 50 miles of pristine pathways between Edgewater and DeBary, with another section continuing all the way to Titusville.

Boat Builders

If there’s one thing that bonds all Floridians together, it’s our love to be out on the water. So, it’s not surprising that there are more than a handful of boat manufacturers in Edgewater, Florida. Remember those two boat ramps we mentioned earlier? New boats can slide right in the Indian River for a test drive!

In the market for a new boat? You can have your pick of the litter with expert craftsmanship from Edgewater Boats, Everglades Boats and Boston Whaler. In fact, Boston Whaler is the third largest employer in Volusia County; Volusia County Schools is the largest and Advent Health is second.

Surfboard Artists

Perhaps a motorboat isn’t quite your speed. Maybe you enjoy taking life a little slower, riding along with the wave as it rolls onto the beach.

Over the years, Edgewater has turned into a supportive enclave of board shapers, making the best surfboards for people to tackle the biggest waves from the Atlantic down the street to around the world. Surfing devotees will recognize marquee names like Orion Surfboards, Clever Surfboards, Cronin Surfboards, Richenberg Surfboards and Erie Surfboards who all call Edgewater home.

Fried Chicken Central

Chick-fil-A lovers flock to Edgewater. Despite the fried chicken restaurant’s popularity, and 236 locations in the Sunshine State, the outpost in Edgewater, Florida is the closest Chick-fil-A for miles around. Residents from all the way down in Titusville will make the pilgrimage to Edgewater for a chicken sandwich and a sweet tea.

Make sure to plan extra time for your meal; there is always a line, except on Sundays, when Chick-fil-A is famously closed.

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