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Wire 3 Fiber Optic Internet Empowering Consumer Choice through Partnership with Streaming TV Platform MyBundle.TV

Stream easy with Wire 3 + MyBundleTV

Wire 3 Fiber Optic Internet Partners with Streaming TV Platform MyBundle.TV

August 29, 2022 – Daytona Beach, FL – Wire 3 LLC, (“Wire 3”) an all-fiber, 10 Gigabit Internet Service Provider (ISP), has announced a new strategic partnership with MyBundle.TV, an online platform designed to help consumers choose the best streaming options for their needs.

“At Wire 3 , we enable choice for our customers. Your internet service provider no longer dictates where you get your television and entertainment,” said Jai Ramachandran, chief executive officer of Wire 3. “MyBundle.TV allows our customers to cut the cable cord, save money, and still get the entertainment they want in a streamlined, personalized experience.”

Available through the Wire 3 Streaming TV portal, customers can identify the channels and content they like and the tool will deliver the best bundled streaming options to access that content, associated pricing, and helpful links to sign up for services.

Experienced streaming users can also benefit from a profile, as the tool allows users to input their current apps and discover content across services, track streaming costs, get personalized recommendations, and build custom watchlists, all in one place.

“For years, customers have been trapped paying for programming, equipment, and services they don’t want or need,” said Jason Schreiber, chief technology officer of Wire 3. “With Wire 3 and MyBundle.TV, you can finally escape that trap and get only the content you want in an easy-to-use portal created just for you. And when it’s paired with the fastest internet in Florida, it’s the ultimate streaming experience.”

No contracts or equipment fees are required to use Wire 3 and MyBundle.TV services. Customers new to streaming content will require a smart TV or streaming device to access apps and content. As a special perk of Wire 3 fiber optic internet service, installation techs will assist customers with their streaming needs at the time of installation.

Current and prospective Wire 3 customers can enjoy free access to MyBundle.TV tools through the streaming TV portal on their website – wire3.com/tv

About Wire 3

Wire 3 is dedicated to delivering fast, high bandwidth data services to their customers. Using fiber optic technology to ensure the fastest, most reliable internet connection possible, Wire 3 offers bandwidth options designed to provide customers with the flexibility and high-speed internet access they need, at an affordable price. Prospective customers can use the Wire 3 check availability form to pre-register their address to be alerted when construction begins in their area or place an order to lock in limited time neighborhood savings.

If you are a government or municipality agent looking for more details about Wire 3, you can access our brief deck.

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