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10 Gbps

Future proof your home network for the most advanced technology

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2.5 Gbps

Faster speed for big families and entertaining lots of friends

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1 Gbps

Plenty of speed for streaming, remote working and gaming

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300 Mbps

The perfect speed for casual internet users

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Top Speed Available 10 Gbps (10,000 Mbps) Everywhere 1 Gbps (Limited Locations Only) 5 Gbps (Limited Locations Only)
100% Fiber Network Limited Locations Only
Symmetrical Speeds
No Contracts - Ever
Free Wi-Fi Equipment

In market competitor comparison based on publicly available data.

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Liz (Customer Service), and Christian (Installation) and others have been great! Very much appreciate the response, honesty, hard work, and attention to quality and detail. My compliments to the Wire 3 team and I’m so glad to have a new choice in my market.

Alan New Smyrna Beach, FL

Every person I have dealt with at Wire 3 has been amazing! I love the service and appreciate all the hard work they’re doing for my community.

Skyler New Smyrna Beach, FL

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a brand new company but they have earned my trust in a very short time. A welcome alternative to the existing broadband providers.

Jay New Smyrna Beach, FL

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The cliché answer would just be – “it’s the future!”. But that’s not really our thing. Fiber optic internet is simply a better, more advanced way to transmit digital information to and from today’s devices. Instead of using old school copper wiring to transmit electrical signals, fiber optic service transmits data through light carried on strands of glass fibers.

The upgraded technology allows data to be transferred much faster and more reliably than traditional methods. It also allows for symmetrical service speeds, which means that your upload and download speeds are the same.

Fiber optic internet has the capacity to be about 20 times faster than traditional cable internet, and 80 times faster than DSL service. The current top speed for fiber optic service is 10 Gigabits per second – (that’s gig with a g) while most cable providers fall between 100 and 300 Megabits per second for residential service. To convert, 1 Gb = 1000 Mb.

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) focus on your download speed – or how quickly data is delivered to you. But, for anyone working from home video conferencing or any gamer who has lost due to lag, your upload speed – or how quickly data is sent from your devices – makes a big difference also. Fiber Optic internet matches those speeds, so if you get 10 Gbps of download speed, you’ll get 10 Gbps of upload speed as well to maximize bandwidth and eliminate lag time.

Much like traditional cable internet service, a line is run from the connection at the street level into your home. With Wire 3, your line is then connected to your FREE, optimized Wi-Fi equipment to get you back online and streaming at unmatched speeds.

Visit our Check Availability page and enter your home address, name, email, and phone number. Then hit the check availability button and you are done. We will never sell your information; we only want to be able to provide timely updates as necessary.

At Wire 3 we know that our growth is dependent on our reputation and our raving fan network. In an effort to give back to our customers, we offer a free month of service to anyone who introduces us to a new friend once they get installed. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors, and eventually, you could never pay for internet again!

Most other companies only show their download speeds because their upload and download speeds are “asymmetrical”. Wire 3 upload and download speeds are symmetrical so you’re getting the same up that you are down. With Wire 3 symmetrical speeds you won’t have to worry about buffering whether you’re live streaming a podcast or downloading the newest episode of your favorite show… AT THE SAME TIME!

Who needs a Porsche? While 300Mbps may be enough for the casual “driver” those who enjoy fast things, will always choose the Porsche.