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Should You Upgrade to Fiber Internet?

Frustrated man dealing with slow internet

Is it time to upgrade to fiber internet? Have you noticed how certain things download at the pace of a snail? While your internet may be faster than it was a decade ago, download sizes have kept right along with the increase in internet speeds. What took an hour to download in the early 2000s takes seconds nowadays, but installing or downloading modern software or games can feel like watching paint dry as the proverbial dial ticks slowly. 

Perhaps it is a reminder that even in an era of instant gratification, patience is a virtue, or, it means you need to modernize your internet speeds to get what you want faster. As our internet speeds rose, so did the size and complexity of the content we consume. 

Is your internet fast enough to handle the content of tomorrow or is it already struggling under the content of today? In an era where even a few seconds of lag can feel like an eternity. We’re going to discuss a few ways you can assess your current internet speeds with your current needs. 

Are you Gaming?

It’s no secret that fast internet, especially fiber internet in Florida, is highly sought after by your average gamer. After all, fiber internet is faster and more reliable, it is more resistant to hurricane damage as well. 

If you’re a gamer, you’ve likely noticed how big games have gotten while storage on consoles has barely grown. Think back to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 days. Your console could install and hold 20+ games. Now most consoles can barely handle 5 active AAA games. 

Upgrading only usually doubles the amount, keeping you away from your full digital library at all times. Have you ever wanted to play a game and then began installing it only to see that you’ll have to wait an hour or so to play? With fiber internet, that’s a thing of the past. Wire 3 fiber internet speeds allow for a game such as the Call of Duty franchise to fully download in a matter of seconds or a few minutes. Wire 3’s fiber internet speeds allow you to effectively have full access to your digital library.

Are You Streaming?

Streaming has quickly invaded our homes and become the primary source of consuming content for some. While streaming typically doesn’t require as much up-front work as downloading or installing, it can take a toll on speeds. How often do you find yourself streaming at home alone with no other devices connected to the internet? Probably not that often, and as you add additional devices, the wifi’s strength will be spread.

This can lead to buffering, poor image quality, or choppy graphics on the screen. To ensure a seamless streaming experience, it’s crucial to have a stable and fast internet connection. Services provided by Wire 3 are that and more! If you’re wanting to upgrade to fiber, check our availability in your area  by clicking the button below!

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Are You Working or Learning Remotely?

As remote work grow, currently sitting at 12% of U.S. workers, stronger, stable, and more secure internet is necessary. Learning remotely is also a growing medium that requires a stable and secure internet connection.

Man working remote on laptop

Whether you’re attending virtual meeting, collaborating on projects, participating in online classes, or uploading projects, a fast and depending able internet is essential for productivity and success. Slow or inconsistent speeds can bog down your work or slow your education process. With the demand for remote growing, the time to seek out fast and reliable fiber internet near you is now!

Are You Utilizing Smart Home Devices?

Smart thermostats, security cameras, smart doorbells, and digital assistants, smart home technology is here and growing. If you’re utilizing smart home devices, you’ll need a stable internet connection for effective function. Regardless of what type of smart device you’re using, these devices rely on internet connectivity to communicate with each other. These devices also typically require a stable connection to use their remote access apps.

If your internet is slow or unreliable, the devices or reactivity will be as well. The more smart home devices you have, the more network congestion you may experience. Network congestion, which could even be caused by excess use in the neighborhood, can cause a plethora of issues for smart home devices. Delayed response times, intermittent connectivity, reduced performance, strained remote access, difficulty adding new devices, and increased vulnerability are some of the issues that can occur during congested times.

The growing network usage of the average smart home device is growing and as you add more devices, the congestion will grow and possibly cause issues. Upgrading to fiber internet can provide you with a future-proof solution and fiber internet near you can provide you with the stable and secure connection you and your devices require.

When Should You Upgrade to Fiber Internet?

Choosing to upgrade your internet speed or switching to fiber internet can come during a time of need or a desire to future-proof. Are you ready to enhance your digital experience? Upgrade to Wire 3 today and enjoy secure, reliable, and fast fiber internet with ludicrous speeds up to 10GBps! Click the button below to see if Wire 3 fiber internet is available in your neighborhood!

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There’s no wrong time to investigate fiber internet options near you. If your internet is struggling to keep up with increased usage or frequent network congestion, it may be necessary upgrade. As content and downloading sizes evolve, stagnant speeds can not endure.

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