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Choosing the Best High Speed Internet Service for Your Needs

Learn which Wire 3 plan is right for you.

Choosing the Best High Speed Internet Service for Your Needs

If you’re like so many Floridians seeking alternatives to major internet service providers like Xfinity, AT&T, Spectrum and others, you’ve probably felt the frustration of not having more options in your area.  And just when you thought you’ve found the perfect speed for your needs and budget, it turns out that the ISP you were researching isn’t even available.  At Wire 3, we’re committed to providing affordable high speed internet services throughout Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and many surrounding regions.

Whether you’ve recently moved and need high speed internet for your new house or apartment, or a longtime Florida resident who’s looking for improved service, straightforward billing and fewer complications, Wire 3 invites you to learn why so many others are choosing us over huge corporate ISPs.    

  • Wire 3 offers a variety of affordable high-speed internet service packages
  • Providing customer service that’s local, responsive and more efficient
  • Freedom to choose between self-installation or professional onsite service 
  • Reliable high speed internet available in many service areas throughout Florida
  • A dedicated staff of professionals committed to providing the best experience
  • Looking for a better alternative to corporate internet? Check availability

Ordering high speed internet service shouldn’t be as stressful, costly and time consuming as many providers seem to make it.  At Wire 3, we’re constantly doing everything we can to simplify the way you go about connecting with the world.  From simple browsing and email, to the most demanding gaming and streaming needs, explore our speed options and see how rewarding it can be to break free from big internet. 

Wire 3 currently offers high speed internet in Jacksonville and Daytona Beach, as well as many of the surrounding areas.  To learn more or sign up, get in touch with us by calling 386-777-8835 or reach out through our website’s contact page.

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