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6 Tips for Working from Home in Volusia County

6 Tips for Working from Home in Volusia County

Working from home can be a breath of fresh salty air in the beachside towns of Daytona and New Smyrna

With a fast and reliable internet connection, many jobs can be performed from anywhere in the world. Business isn’t slowing down either – studies conducted this year indicate that productivity increases by 13% while working from home. With measurable increases in productivity now available, it is clear that working from home is a growing trend that will not be ending anytime soon.

Employees are choosing to move away from larger cities and settling in smaller, more affordable towns. Many people who have called Miami, Orlando, or Jacksonville home because of their job are finding a new life while working from home in Volusia County, where they can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Daytona and New Smyrna. Lovely weather, a supportive community, and the resources of major metropolitan areas make Volusia County an attractive home base for remote workers.

Despite the freedom of working from your pajama bottoms, working from home can also be challenging. Let’s dive into six steps that can make working from home a success.

Tip #1 : Set-up a Dedicated Workspace

Having a dedicated workspace is the first step to starting a productive work day. While curling up on the couch or bed may seem like the coziest spot to answer emails, it can act as a major distraction. Creating an office-like workspace can improve focus while also increasing productivity. Keeping an organized workspace is also a great way to keep the day moving smoothly.

Tip #2 : Maintain Regular Office Hours and Structure

A solid work-life balance can be a great foundation for maintaining productivity. Even though you may be working from home, treat the day as if you were in the office. Dress for the occasion, take normal scheduled breaks, and know when it’s time to clock out.

Without a healthy work-life balance, it can be difficult to really enjoy those weekends off. Remember, maintaining a social life and spending time with your family is just as important as work. Know when it’s time for play and when it’s time to focus, and adhere to your schedule.

Tip #3: Schedule Breaks

It’s easy to lose track of time when working from home. Before you know it, the kids are home from school, and you still have two Zoom meetings to go. Structure and sticking to a routine is crucial for a successful WFH lifestyle, and with it, taking breaks.

Who says you can’t take your lunch break down by the water and be back in time for your afternoon client call? It’s no secret that Florida’s coastline contains incredible beaches, and Volusia County is no exception. Whether you’re looking for the fun of the world-famous Daytona Beach Pier, or the laid-back vibe of New Smyrna Beach, there’s a little something for everyone. Can’t break for the beach? Leave the window cracked open for a salty ocean breeze all day long.

Tip #4 : Get Out of the House

While working from home will save you time and money on gas, sometimes a change of scenery can inspire productivity. On bright sunny days, (which are abundant in the Sunshine State) it is refreshing to take your work on the go when you find yourself in a creative funk. A change of scenery can also help break up a monotonous work day and create a boost of energy.

Taking your laptop to a wifi enabled spot is a great way to shake up the workday. Try local coffee shops such as Stock Brew, Prism Roastery, or Copperline in Daytona Beach, or Beachie Beans, Third Wave, or Island Roasters in New Smyrna.

Tip #5 – Schedule Team Building Activities

Working from home can be lonely, and it can be easy to forget about the team that stands behind you. Knowing who your co-workers are can be a great way to create professional relationships while also making it easier to reach out when you need help. For those who live in the same area of their co-workers, scheduling team building activities can be not only beneficial to nurturing those professional relationships, but it also can be fun!

If you’re looking for the event of the season, the marquee event every year in Volusia County is without a doubt the Daytona 500. In fact, it is estimated that this one race has an overall economic impact of $1.9 billion. But you don’t have to be a NASCAR fan to get in on the action. Daytona Bike Week is held every spring for motorcycle aficionados and Jeep Beach takes over the town in April.

For those looking for a quieter experience, the Little Theater in New Smyrna Beach offers local productions of classic plays and musicals. Or, check out all of the things to do in Volusia County to help bring together your colleagues for a day of fun!

Tip #6 : Get Reliable High-Speed Internet

Not only does Volusia County have awesome attractions and beaches, it also contains the best internet and bundle options. Wire 3 offers fiber optic internet, so you will stay connected even through the occasional bad weather. Wire 3 also offers the fastest, most reliable internet speeds to suit your WFH lifestyle.

Best High Speed Internet in New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach

Working from home saves you money by cutting down your gas usage, the expense of eating out for lunch, and buying those itchy and uncomfortable dress shirts. With more money in your pocket, you can enjoy the fun of theme parks, shopping malls, and concert venues in Orlando and Jacksonville—both within an hour’s drive from Volusia County. Plus, with affordable high-speed internet, you won’t be breaking the bank on great connectivity.

Your workday will be a breeze with reliable internet service from Wire 3. Enjoy flexible plans and price, as well as zero contracts and free wi-fi equipment.

Get started with Wire 3 today by checking our availability in Volusia, Brevard, Indian River, and St. Lucie County, or contacting us to learn more about where we’ll be next!

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