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Wire 3 Declares Megabit Speeds Obsolete

Central Florida’s Wire 3 deems megabit speeds obsolete, discontinuing plans under 1 Gbps and advocating for the next phase of connectivity. Offering speeds up to 10 Gbps, the fiber-to-the-home provider emphasizes eliminating lag with fiber optic internet. CEO Jai Ramachandran lowers entry barriers, introducing a $60/month 1Gbps plan and reducing the 10 Gbps plan to $99/month.

Cross section of Fiber Optic cable

“Just like when the world transitioned from ‘dial up’ internet to faster options in the early 2000’s, the time has come to make the leap to the next phase of connectivity,” states Ryan Dendievel, SVP of Sales and Marketing. 

Wire 3, a Central Florida based fiber to the home provider, sunset any internet plans lower than 1 Gbps on January 1st. Currently offering residential internet speeds up to 10 Gbps, Wire 3 is drawing a line in the sand when it comes to acceptable bandwidth.

“Fiber optic internet affords consumers freedom from lagging, buffering, and throttled upload speeds, but other companies are still offering 300 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and even 25 Mbps plans.  It’s time to stop accepting Megabits in a Gigabit world, and to lower the barrier of entry for people to embrace the coming technologies,” says CEO Jai Ramachandran.

Wire 3 is doing just that by starting their synchronous 1Gbps plan at only $60/month and lowering the retail price for their 10 Gbps plan to $99/month.  For customers who signed on prior to this transition, their plans will be automatically upgraded to the tier that corresponds with their existing rate.

Ramachandran states “We want to show our communities we are serious about enabling their choice and future proofing their internet capabilities rather than only giving them what they need today.”

Join Wire 3 in welcoming this exciting new chapter as they continue to build stronger connections, one community at a time.

For more information about Wire 3 and its services, please visit www.wire3.com.

About Wire 3

Wire 3 is a leading fiber optic internet provider in Central Florida, offering lightning-fast connectivity and exceptional customer service. With a mission to create better online experiences for communities, Wire 3 is committed to delivering reliable and high-speed internet solutions at affordable prices.

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